Friday, October 19, 2012

Day Out With Thomas

It's been a long time since I have blogged. At this point, I honest to God have a list of about eight topics that I want to get up and running, but time is ridiculously limited. Between raising two children, working (albeit part-time), building a deck, and the laundry list of house projects I always seem to have us completing, I'm finding myself short on time these days. I just had to share some pictures from early October though, when Grammy and Pop treated Silas, George, BJ, and me to a Day Out With Thomas. He received the tickets for his birthday in May and had been eagerly awaiting the day that he could meet Sir Topham Hatt and ride Thomas in a blaze of glory. BJ's parents joined us for the occasion, and we also got to spend our time there with our friends Jeremy and Laurie and their kiddos. We find it pretty neat that BJ and Jeremy were friends when they were Silas' and Miles' age, so the tradition will hopefully live on with friendship being passed down.

If it looks like we're cold in these pictures, it's because we were. This year we had the coldest weather on record for October 6 in Oklahoma City, so we spent the rest of the day hanging out by the roaring fireplace. Silas' often bland look is the result of both camera-shyness and illness at the time. Don't let the pictures fool you; he had a ton of fun!

Waiting to ride on Thomas

Seeing Thomas at last. Silas was cracking us up...
as we parked and slid open the van door you could 
plainly hear Thomas' "peep peep" as he was pulling into
the station. BJ and I excitedly asked him, "Do you 
think that's Thomas?" He said, as though guarding 
his emotions, "Uh....maybe."

Even Georgie got in on the fun!

We got to ride up top...even had to climb a ladder to get up there!

It's a good thing that my boys look beautiful in orange. 

That 'James' tattoo was a source of pride for some time
before it eventually got scrubbed off in the bath. On 
one hand, the tattoo, and clutched tightly in the other 
was the toy "Diesel" engine that Grammy and Pop bought
for Silas in the gift shop.

A giant thank you to Grammy and Pop, and to all of you in Silas' life that share his enthusiasm for Thomas with him. He loves talking about Thomas. If you missed the Thomas Masterpiece some months back, you might want to check that out for your edification as well.

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