Thursday, February 7, 2013

Diaper Changes...

My friend Keri, the lovely gal who donated breast milk with me, is a delightful friend and fellow mom.  I have enjoyed getting to know her better in the last couple of months, and I am also happy for Keri that she is beginning her own business as a massage therapist. She has chosen to advertise herself as a massage therapist for mommies, which I think is totally fun. You can find the Facebook page for her business, Mama Kneads Massage, here!

One of the reasons that I mention this is because a couple of weekends ago Keri provided massage services for a gathering at Green Bambino, which is one of two cloth diapering stores in Oklahoma City.  I had spent a long week with a flu-sick child, an out-of-town husband, and a broken hand that prevented me from putting children into their car seats, so we had been stuck at home for a LONG time. I was chomping at the bit to get out of the house, so I went and checked out her booth and said hi.  I was amazed with all that Green Bambino had to offer, and I found myself asking question after question to Keri, who chooses to cloth diaper her baby.  All of this I mulled around in my mind for a week or so, and then Keri told me that there is a cloth diapering store quite near my home called The Changing Table. She described the owner Kristina as quite friendly, and encouraged me to give the place a visit.

Cuteness abounds in these precious little diapers!

I went and met with Kristina on Monday, and she introduced me to an offer that The Changing Table makes, which is a one month trial for cloth diapering that costs $15.  The trial includes 12 diapers of Kristina's choosing, all different brands and types, with the idea that the customer can peruse different options and get a feel for if cloth diapering will work for them and their baby before they spend beau coup money on it. At the end of the month if you don't like it then you give it all back. If you do like it, then you can buy whichever diapers you want at a discounted rate. This seems like the perfect situation to me!  Kristina was so friendly and helpful; she spent probably an hour with me on Monday explaining different diapering systems, and then told me to come back on Thursday to pick up my trial. When I went back today, she probably spent another half hour with me, all the while allowing my children to run amok in her kid-friendly store and play in the play place.  Here is what I ended up with for the month:

I am really hoping that we get the hang of this and that this all works out. In the long run, I envision the investment of cloth diapers as saving us quite a bit of money (and waste), as we have approximately another year of George in diapers and then a hopeful third child who could use them as well.  Many of the diapers are a one-size-fits-all purchase, accommodating children from 8 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds.  I truly have no idea how I got BJ on board with this.  He has always been awesome at allowing me to make seemingly-insane decisions, having faith in me that it will all go as I envision it will. Usually it does; sometimes it doesn't.  I will keep you updated on the process!

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  1. You won't regret it! I wish that I had been cloth diaper savvy with the first two--I LOVE cloth diapers! The Changing Table is also a wonderful place and has wonderful owners!! I go there about once a week just to visit and always find an excuse to buy something new and fluffy ;)