Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Georgie Speaks

Hi! My name is George, but my family mainly calls me Georgie and I call myself Guggy. I'm adorable, and a giant ham, and I use this to my advantage with strangers whenever possible!


This here is called my "ninny." When my brother, whom I call "Da-Lice," was my age, he began calling his blanket his ninny, and I figure I'll do the same. Something I do that my brother doesn't, though, is cherish my little ninny tag. When my auntie Christa was a little girl she also was infatuated with her tag and she named it her "fa-fa." She rocks, so I'll do the same. Love my fa-fa...

Wait a second, guys! Something's going on! I hear a noise in the sky! What could that be?

 Aaahh, it's a helicopter, which I prefer to dub "ca-ca." Good thing we live right on the edge of the disaster path! These ca-ca's go over our house ALL THE TIME!

Okay, what were we saying? Oh yes---that I'm cute. Carry on...

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  1. Well you certainly are cute. That's for sure!