Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Things are going well for our family! BJ and I had hoped that we would be able to have three children and that we could have them close together, and we have been extremely lucky. About a month ago we learned that we will thrice be blessed with boys, which is a destiny I have secretly long assumed for myself and with which I am overjoyed. BJ and I have decided to name Boy #3 Van, which shouldn't surprise anyone that knows us well since the average age of male boasting the name "Van" in the United States is a ripe 56 years old, according to the Social Security website. Only one or two people have flipped their lids loving our name choice, but everyone else has been gracious if not confused ("Did you say ZAN?" and "As in the vehicle Van?" have not been singular responses). Yes, we admit it: we love old man names. Plus, I have a particular affinity for the name Van because my favorite author is kick-ass Maine-native Van Reid. Nearly everyone questioned the name George as well, I might add, but anyone who knows our Georgie knows that the name was aptly chosen and deliciously matches his hilarious and spunky personality. Not many youngsters can pull it off as well as he, I'm sure! So, with the youngest, Van Owen it is.

Not to be outperformed, Silas has been quite the unintentional comedian himself this past week. My favorite quote from him in a very long time, perhaps ever, was uttered just two days ago as we exited the house through the garage door to meet Christa and her family at a restaurant. Tex was excited about all of the coming-and-going commotion, and as Silas sailed past him out the door he nonchalantly said to Tex,
"Tex, you're not coming. You're not allowed to go places except Bark in the Park, you sly devil you!"
What?! I laughed so hard before I could finally ask,
"Did you just say 'you sly devil you?'"
To which he replied, "I did." Well, his DVD of choice lately has been Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (we know no seasonal limitations around here, apparently), and there is indeed a scene that he reminded me of where Peppermint Patty says to Charlie something along the lines of "You're holding my hand, aren't you Chuck? You sly devil you." Reciting quotations by the awesome Peppermint Patty is every feminist mother's dream. This is what Wikipedia has to say about Peppermint Patty's character development:
"Schulz said that he had developed the Peppermint Patty persona in response to the burgeoning Women's Liberation Movement that was sparked in the latter half of the 1960s, and that he desired to create a character that defied gender stereotypes and embraced social norms that had yet to become fashionable. Peppermint Patty was the first female character outfitted with shorts and sandals, rather than dresses, and her personality was easygoing and tomboyish. She was also the first character to be the product of a single-parent household."
Oh yeah. My boy knows the good ones.

 In news that blissfully does not pertain to our children, BJ and I are celebrating our ten-year anniversary next month and our parents have graciously agreed to keep our boys for four days while we take our first child-free trip since Silas was born. We're headed to New York City to meet Sommer and Pete for a long weekend, and we are elbows deep in planning what we believe will be a lovely trip! If you have any pointers, must-see's, or can't-miss restaurants, please advise. We have our tapas restaurant and dessert places picked out, but are open to all kinds of suggestions!

Here is to hoping that your summer is going well, friends!


  1. I LOVE the name Van, seriously, awesome! We have good friends that have a son named Vinny (Vincent) and she had told me she was originally thinking Van and said she still loves that name but didn't think she was "cool enough" of a mom for it. Ha! Also, they are Italian and chose Vinny to reflect their roots. :) You are a blessed family! Such beautiful, witty, healthy, and lovely boys!

  2. Awesome! The Peppermint Patty quote made me laugh out loud. :)