Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Norman Transcript Article!

A couple of months ago, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Hannah Cruz, a reporter and talented writer from the Norman Transcript. Hannah was interested in speaking with a donor from the Oklahoma Mother's Milk Bank, and the director kindly referred her to me, a mom who is always eager to share my story of breast milk donation. Hannah was extremely pleasant in our interview, seemed to have an intuition for asking all of the right questions, and then wrote this amazing article promoting the new milk bank and sharing my personal story. I could not have been more honored and thrilled. Hannah--thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It has been a year and two weeks since Baby Aiden passed away. Those who followed my milk donation story as it was happening (and those of you who read the article) know that George's and my milk donation was in honor of Aiden Smith, who lived a brief but legendary life. I love that boy and I always will, even though I never got to hold him or tell him so. Someday, someday. I posted a Facebook status on July 16th, the anniversary of his passing, that shared some raw feelings--namely that Aiden has taught me that a loss can cut one's soul to the quick, even when the love was from afar. I gave him the promise one year ago that I would try to be a better person in this life, and each day since then has been an attempt to do so. Through all of this I have had the wondrous fortune to become friends with Aiden's mommy, Kristen, who lives in Elk City near some friends of ours. We met in person one time, quite unexpectedly, at a park in Elk City, and my heart was filled by our shouts of recognition (we were already Facebook friends), hugs, and friendly chatter. She and her boy, pictured below, have filled my heart to its brim. (Picture courtesy of 50 For Aiden page.)

To my dearest friends and to my cozy bunch of readers, I extend a heartfelt thank-you for your support over the last year as I clearly struggled with this loss, and your continuous tolerance over my non-stop excitement about the milk bank. I have been so happy to see personal friends of mine become donors as well, and it makes me insanely proud of them! And to Aiden: baby boy, my work isn't done. Your memory will keep taking this world by storm because good people will keep doing good things and remembering you for them. And as for me, Aiden, you still make me want to be a better person, day by day. Love and hugs to all!


  1. Thank you for transforming grief and for guiding all of us as we make our way through our personal sorrows

  2. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. You are very special. You inspire me. I love you lady!

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