Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poor Tara, and Poor ME!

This is our friend Tara.

Tara has been a friend of ours for many years, mainly because she is my best friend's other best friend. Wait, yeah, I said that right. One might suspect that there is some kind of rivalry between Tara and me, since we are both such good friends with the great Andi, but no, this is definitely not the case. As long as Andi has loved Tara, I have known and liked Tara as well.

Doesn't Tara look really pretty and fancy here? That's because this is her professional picture! You see, as of this week, Tara is now a published author! It's quite exciting. Her book, entitled Hereafter, was published by Harper Collins and is set to be Part One of a trilogy about a love story between a river ghost and a human. It's getting good reviews and looks to be selling everywhere, including, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Target. Andi said she even bought her copy at her local Walmart in Maine.

Tara had a book signing at Full Circle Bookstore in OKC today and I was excited to see her and have her autograph a copy of the book! As a courtesy to Full Circle, I canceled my order with Amazon about a month ago when she announced her book signing event today, and I planned to buy the book from the store today. I was SO excited to begin reading it tonight. WAS so excited. That's when the evil ogres that run Full Circle, a bookstore that I previously enjoyed, decided to insert their heads up their butts and not order any of Tara's books for us to purchase and, subsequently, for her to sign. Seriously, BJ, Silas, and I got to the signing at 3:10, which was ten minutes after it was scheduled to begin, and they were already out! What a bunch of morons. Nearly as bad was the fact that they were fairly unapologetic about it. They said they would order more and have her sign them at a later date, but of course it is my responsibility to find out when my book will be ready and then drive all the way back to the store to pick it up. I was told with a laugh that shipping is "steep" at the price of $7 (no kidding!) so I better just come pick it up. So we waited in line empty-handed so that we could talk with Tara and tell her congratulations. What a mess. I feel especially sorry for Tara and business she must have lost out on. Friends like us will come back to the store for the book, but I'm sure that there were many random patrons at the bookstore that were interested in her because she was there, and had the great idea of purchasing a book that a local author would even personalize when "Wala!" they are told with a sneer by a store clerk that the store that they are purchasing from is idiotic and did not buy books that the signing author is selling.

So, on a bright note, buy Tara's book! I hear it's fantastic! Then, since I don't have mine yet, you can tell me all about it in the cruel, cruel way that this world works.

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