Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Things We Say

Well, Silas has been walking for about a month now. We were warned by parents who have entered the walking realm before us that things would never be the same once he got going, and BJ and I have since come to learn that these parents were absolutely right. His skills became proficient quite rapidly, going from frequent tottering and balance problems with a maximum distance of 15 feet before a fall, to now practically a run when he is after something. Most of his falls now occur when he is walking while tired (well, doesn't that happen to all of us?).

So, in commemoration of the places Silas goes now (usually with our possessions in hand), here a few things that BJ and I have said to each other in the past week without so much as batting an eyelash:

1. Me: Have you seen my Aquaphor?
    BJ: Yeah, I put it on the bathroom counter. I found it on the toilet lid.

2. Me to BJ: Someone unrolled almost the whole toilet paper roll again. Use the mountain on the bathroom floor first please.

3. BJ: Where's the remote?
    Me: Oh, I think I saw it under the rocker back in the nursery.
I know this post makes it sound like our child runs around all day completely unsupervised. Please note that this is not actually the case. If you stop watching that boy and focus on your oven timer, barking dog, or running nose for even 35 seconds, the above dialogues are bound to take place. I will now act as one of those parents who has entered the walking realm and warn all of you with younger children: It's coming. That's right, it's coming.


But it's so grand.

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  1. Love this post. Love it love it love it. And can completely identify with it.

    Lauren put the garbage back in the garbage can - it's yucky.

    What is in your mouth?!

    Samuel, where did you get the car keys from?

    What happened to all our chapstick?

    That's all in a typical day :)

    Life changes when they're walking and it changes again when they can reach onto the kitchen's coming.....