Thursday, September 22, 2011

Portland: Part One

This week we are in Portland, Oregon. I haven't been to Oregon since our honeymoon eight years ago, and it is nice to become better acquainted with the city this time around. We did so much traveling around the state during our honeymoon, from Portland down to Crater Lake and back up the coast, that we only spent about two days in the city itself and I never really got a feel for it. When BJ told us earlier in 2011 that he needed to attend a week-long conference in Portland and asked if Silas and I wanted to join him, I didn't have to think for two seconds before exclaiming an affirmative.

Portland has been fun with Silas. Fortunately, BJ had no obligations on Sunday, which was the day after we flew in. We hit Powell's Books, which is a must for any trip to Portland, and we honestly could have spent quite a bit more time in there than we did. Our 16-month-old had had enough though, and who could blame him? He scored lots of stellar reading material from the children's section as a thank-you for his patience. We also hit the International Rose Test Garden, the Portland Children's Museum, and the most kid-friendly microbrewery you can possibly imagine (seriously: an area to play with your kids, a delicious and organic kids' menu that any parent would be nuts about, and practically instantaneous service).  Since BJ has been working longer hours the first few days of this work week, Silas and I have gone quite a bit of it alone, but it hasn't been dull. Even just putting him in the stroller and walking around downtown (where our hotel is) is constant stimulation for him, and every 20.3 seconds he points and excitedly proclaims the presence of all kinds of hubbub: metro trams, buses, dogs, airplanes, babies, you name it.

Here are some pictures of my child enjoying Portland. Feel free to pass them up if you are nowhere near as enchanted with my child as I obviously am.

 The Race for the Cure was passing directly by our hotel, so we joined in for the fun for a few blocks!
Silas is pulling rose petals from the water fountain at the International Rose Test Garden. From the look on his pleased face you would never know that it was pouring down rain.
 At the 'water works' exhibit of the Portland Children's Museum.

 Driving his very own ambulance at the Children's Museum! Vroom-vroom!
 On the way to breakfast with daddy and mama on the transit system.
 Busting out of his hiding place in the hotel closet when he knows he is caught.
The Waterfront Park along the river had two equally compelling components for Silas: a water fountain and a flock of pigeons. 
He should be napping here, but what a fun game to stand up in the crib and make faces at mommy instead of sleeping!

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