Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Right Words

"And all the stars were crashing 'round
As I laid eyes on what I'd found."

BJ and I were listening to one of our favorite albums, "The Crane Wife" by the Decemberists. If you've never listened, you simply should. What a fantastic piece of work. Two of the songs chronicle the old tale of the Crane Wife, in which a poor man finds a crane with an arrow in its wing and nurses it back to health. In her gratitude, the crane then takes on a human form and repays the man, unbeknown to him until much later. The above quote is from the first song of the tale, and it is simply the closest I have ever come to putting into words my love for my son since the beginning of his life. Of course words can be so inadequate, but this line from the Decemberists reverberates through me every time I hear it; it causes me to think of Silas, the little miracle that I "found," that somehow landed in my lap and changed every landscape of my life.

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