Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Big Boy Bed

BJ and I knew that being blessed with children close together in age would necessitate changes in our home that we might not otherwise have forced, such as getting Silas out of his crib and into a 'big boy bed,' as we have called it around here. The decision that we made was to leave the nursery intact for Baby George and move Silas over into the office, which we have changed into a bedroom for a big boy. We know that we could have bought a second crib, but we decided that 19 months was big enough for a transfer to an actual twin bed. This twin bed is actually one bed in a bunk-bed set that we eventually hope to construct for the boys to share while (fingers crossed!) hopeful Baby #3 occupies the nursery someday. We prepared in every possible way for this transition... A friend of mine suggested weeks ago that I get Silas adjusted to a pillow, so I went the next day and bought a regular-sized pillow and put it in his crib so that Silas could get adjusted to the idea of staying in one place in the bed. We bought a special Elmo pillowcase to give him a sense of company ("Melmo" is his favorite), and we bought tractor and truck sheets for his new bed for him to admire. We took him into his new room for a week before we had him sleep in there, and we spent time playing in there and really building up the 'big boy room.' As it was, he was ready to move into that bed before we were really ready for it, as we were waiting for a Friday night when we both didn't have to work the next day in case it didn't go well.

Well, those fears have not come to fruition, as Silas has welcomed his new room with open arms! I am beginning to learn that I don't give my son enough credit. We had anticipated countless trips of leading him by the hand back to his room because he had come running out at inappropriate times. After all, he can easily slide out of the bed where the railing ends, and he certainly knows how to open doors now. However, nine nights into this and he hasn't come running out after us a single time. Not once! There is no fussing at bedtime or naptime. He sleeps well in the bed, mostly with his head on the pillow, and in the morning when he wakes (or after his nap is finished) he comes traipsing on out with his "ninny" (also known as his blanket) to see what's up.  (Usually in the morning, "what's up" does not include BJ, Tex, or me.)

Here's the big boy room, all completed. =) We chose an animal alphabet theme and Silas seems to like it. His temporary night light for the month of December is a Christmas tree on the dresser, which will be replaced with a lamp at some point in the new year. Hope all is well with you, friends!

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