Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Funnies

BJ and I agree that with each passing day, Silas causes us to love him more and more. I don't know how it happens or how it is possible, but this crazy little boy has me bursting at the seams with love for him, and it grows daily as he demonstrates new little pieces of his personality. Christmas this year was so great with him. He lapped up the entire season, exclaiming with enthusiasm each day about Christmas lights, ornaments, trees, elves, Santa, you name it. The last two days have seen the opening of many presents, which is also something he has grown old enough to enjoy. Our only hold-up was that he was typically so enthralled with the gift that he just opened that he wouldn't want to move on to the next one, which can cause delays in gift exchanges.

A couple of funny stories:
This morning we were at church with BJ's parents, and Silas sat in the service with us. BJ's dad is an usher at their church so frequently is out of his seat until well into the service, as he is responsible for seating others, tithe collection, etc. Silas could NOT understand why Pop kept walking by and waving but would not stop to sit with him. During the quiet prayer time, of course, Silas decided to be vocal with his confusion. He asked, "Pop? Go? [His question of "Go?" is typically accompanied by holding his hands palm upward in a questioning air, and he did so here.] Pee-pee?" And so it became apparent to those sitting around us that Silas thought perhaps Pop had left once again because he needed to go pee-pee.

In opening numerous presents over the past few days, Silas would become frustrated to rip the wrapping paper off of a toy, only to discover annoying obstacles such as shrink wrap, ties, and inhibitory boxes that prevented him from immediately playing with his new discovery. Initially I would say something like, "Hang on buddy. Dada needs to get a knife." This would be followed by BJ quickly swooping in and solving the problem with a pocket knife so that Silas could play with his new toy. By the end of the evening last night, Silas had become a pro at the present-opening scene. He would rip the wrapping paper off and then immediately look to Dada or me and expectantly ask, "Knife?" This transferred to this morning as well, and all day long Silas presented his request for the knife when trying to get into a desirable.

I know these aren't great pictures because they were taken with my phone, but they illustrate the joy of a little boy playing with his new toys. The frog is courtesy of Sommer, Pete, Ellie, and Owen, and was met with a blood-curdling shriek of delight as he ripped it out of the box and then promptly began hugging it and playing "horsey" on it. The second picture shows just how stereotypically male my little boy is, as spending time with trucks, trains, and airplanes is one of his favorite past-times.

Merry Christmas to all!

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