Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, it has been quite some time since I've posted. This is sad for me since I have told BJ that I plan to continue blogging in spite of the busy-ness of our lives. I said that I want my blog to chronicle our journey, however hectic, and yet the past few weeks I've barely responded to emails, let alone blog! So let this post be a blend of random information, as my next few posts will follow a theme quite dear to me, which is gender equality. Here comes the random information:

1. I have an amazing husband (pic below of said husband). Yesterday morning he got up with the boys and let me sleep in until 11:40. I haven't felt this well-rested since before George was born. There is something to be said for sleep, no doubt.

2. In honor of George's arrival, I am re-reading (again) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In this re-reading I have once again been reminded of the amazing performance by Ms. Lee; it seems to me that truly wonderful writers have the ability to put their thoughts into the perfect combination of words, not too few and not too many, so that the result is a flow of sentences that feel incredibly like a beautiful work of art. Of the many writers who have published, only a small number fall into this category, per my opinion. I have also been reminded of the greatness that is Atticus Finch, which reassures me that George received the perfect middle name. In case you have never read To Kill a Mockingbird and are perhaps on the fence about doing so, consider this hilarious passage:

"The second grade was grim, but Jem assured me that the older I got the better school would be, that he started off the same way, and it was not until one reached the sixth grade that one learned anything of value. The sixth grade seemed to please him from the beginning: he went through a brief Egyptian Period that baffled me--he tried to walk flat a great deal, sticking one arm in front of him and one in back of him, putting one foot behind the other. He declared Egyptians walked that way; I said if they did I didn't see how they got anything done, but Jem said they accomplished more than the Americans ever did, they invented toilet paper and perpetual embalming, and asked where would we be today if they hadn't? Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I'd have the facts."

After I finish this re-reading then I plan to move on to the old classic Silas Marner (a book for each boy!) and then re-read Cheaper By the Dozen, which in fact is absolutely nothing like the Steve Martin movie so don't judge it by that.

3. Silas is astonishing us with all that he has learned in the past few months. He seems to love learning and he thinks that flashcards and letter memorization are actually games (I swear, we are not slave drivers with this kid). As a result, he can now count to 13, he knows all of his letters and can identify them through sight as well as reciting them out loud, and he knows a good deal of colors and shapes. He definitely seems to have favorites in each category too, as it seems that nothing can beat the letter "W," the color yellow, the shape of an octagon, or the number 7.  BJ and I are gradually becoming aware of everything that we say and do because he pays a whole lot more attention than we ever gave him credit for.

4. Mother Nature seems to have forgotten winter this year. This is fine by me! In a couple of hours I am dropping off George with a friend for 20 minutes while I take a jog around the park with Silas in the stroller, all in gorgeous 70 degree weather!

5. Last but not least, I feel the need to briefly extol the virtues of my birthday present this year, which was a kickin' purse/diaper bag. I simply hated the diaper bag that I used after Silas was born and quickly found features that it was lacking. It also had zero features that I would require in a purse (such as easy access pockets), so when I ran quick errands I would often just load my purse up with baby needs and then have an overflowing purse. With George on the way, I decided in December that enough was enough. After spending hours researching the kind of bag I was wanting, I ended up with the Skip Hop Studio Tote Bag, and I love, love, love it! Now my purse and diaper bag are all in one, and I don't have a single gripe about this bag after two months' of use (don't you hate when you are reading Amazon user reviews and someone gives something five stars but then states "Just got it in the mail, haven't used it but it looks great!" Seriously people, use it for awhile before you write a review!). Initially I thought the only thing about my bag that was a dead giveaway that it was actually a diaper bag and not a purse was the prominent "Skip Hop" label on it, which I cleverly solved (see below). But then I thought, "Who am I kidding?" The bag has a nursing cover tucked into the outside of it and sippy cups sticking out the sides. Oh well, I look like a mom because I am a mom.

Here is my awesome bag:

And here is my clever solution to hiding the Skip Hop label:
Yes, friends, I'm a "Parks and Rec" junkie, and Leslie Knope is my vote for Pawnee, Indiana's City Council! Stay tuned for my next few posts, which will be full of my opinions about how great women are and how they deserve equal placement in this world.

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