Friday, March 16, 2012

Ode to Sommer

 Friends of mine, I know that you remember Sommer. If you missed the post about her son Owen, you can read it here. Many of you regularly ask me about Owen and her, and I honestly tell you that it fills me with such love that friends of mine care about someone that I also genuinely care for. Owen is, in Sommer's words, "existing." She describes the past two weeks (you can find her blog here) as becoming increasingly difficult; Owen is highly medicated on extremely strong stuff, but he continues to live and be loved. This guy is stronger than I know I initially gave him credit for, as I had presumed that my pregnancy and delivery with George would prevent me from ever being able to kiss Owen's cheeks. However, BJ, Silas, George and I will all be in Massachusetts visiting Sommer and her family in just two short weeks, and I absolutely can't wait!

The above picture of Sommer and Owen is, to me, the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. No picture more aptly portrays human love than this one, and what can be more important in this world than love? Owen was recently selected by the Tiny Sparrow Foundation to receive a photography session, and the pictures and slideshow can be seen here. Fair warning though: watching the slideshow will likely necessitate the use of Kleenex!

Long before Owen and George came along, Sommer was a good friend to me. I have witnessed her journey with Owen from afar but also up-close in a sense, as she and I are in close communication about our lives and kids, typically through daily texts. I would miss her terribly if she was no longer in my life, and I love her kids deeply, though I don't see them often. Sommer's and Owen's ridiculously painful trial has set a new perspective on this life for me, and I realize now that virtually nothing is a real problem. Every time I think I may have some small reason to gripe, I immediately set myself straight. This has been absolutely no doing of Sommer's, as she like all true friends will listen to my woes as if they matter. But come on, let's get real. The other day I had the audacity to momentarily feel sad as I boxed away my scented lotions that I can't wear anymore because George has such sensitive skin. Is this actually a problem? Not in the least. I wish with all of my being that Sommer's sacrifices were similarly trivial.

And yet, when she could be wholly consumed with herself and her own family's grief, this is the kind of person that Sommer is: knowing that George is coming for a visit and knowing that I have to take lots of precautions for his skin, Sommer is buying a jug of our special detergent, planning her family's clothes for our visit and pre-washing them in this detergent and then double-rinsing them, and doing the same with assorted baby things like sheets and changing pads. BJ and I are both touched by this gesture...what a true friend.

I hope that each of you has at least one friend in the world like this. And to Sommer, who I know reads this blog, there are no words to describe my emotions when I think of you four. BJ and I are happily anticipating our trip to see you guys, and we are prepping Silas by showing him pictures on the TV of our trip last summer. Often when he sees a picture of Ellie on the beach he runs up to the TV and tries to touch her hand. =)

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  1. Oh Jenny, please tell Sommer what an inspiration she and Owen and their family are to us. Incredible and awe-inspiring.