Saturday, April 20, 2013

Conversations with Silas

Isn't it funny what two-year-olds say? Just when I think I've heard it all from my little boy in his cute little toddler voice, here comes another harebrained scheme ("Let's go to Grammy's house today. Doesn't that sound good, Mommy? I think it does. Okay, we will.") or hilarious exclamation ("Are you serious?" and "Amazing!" preceded by the most melodramatic of gasps). Every day BJ and I shake our heads and compare our stories of what our older little guy had to say or do that day that the other might not have seen. Here are a few examples of recent conversations with Silas.

(Silas and I are looking at a golf club)
Silas: Mommy, is that an indoor toy or an outdoor toy?
Me: It's an outdoor toy.
Silas: Is it an indoor toy or an outdoor toy? One or the other. Those are your options.

BJ: So, Silas, what did you guys do today?
Silas: Well, hmmm. I requested that we go to the library.

(Silas, George, and I just pulled into the Qdoba parking lot to meet BJ for dinner.)
Me: Well, guys, should we wait for daddy inside the restaurant or should we wait out here in the car?
Silas: Out here in the car.
George: (begins to wail)
Me: I think George wants to go inside. So there's our decision.
Silas: (turns to George) Georgie, you really can't go inside Qdoba by yourself.

Silas: Mommy, how many construction vehicles do I have?
Me: Honestly? Probably about 40.
Silas: No, not 40. I have hundreds.

(Driving past a construction site)
Silas: (screaming in excitement) Look, mommy! It's a construction vehicle with a bumpy steamroller attachment!

 Looking fly at The Home Depot

Partaking in Ellie's legwarmers. He loved them so much that I have since bought him a pair with soccer balls on them, and he typically accessorizes them with a T-shirt, shorts, and the fedora pictured above.

Chilling with his lucky mommy one afternoon in the hammock at the edge of the woods out back

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  1. He stole my heart at 30,000 feet! Love that little man.