Monday, May 2, 2011

Silas' Birthday Bash

So for those of you who have been reading my recent posts, today is Silas' first birthday. Part of me can hardly believe it has gone this quickly, although part of me also feels as though it has definitely been a year! Things have certainly changed in our household, but Silas has also done his fair share of adjusting to our lifestyle, and we thank our lucky stars that he is up for adventures like airplanes, Thunder season tickets, frequent overnight trips, and jogging strollers.

Silas' party was a cookout on Saturday, and we had quite the crowd, although most people were family members that we wrangled in for the event. As I also mentioned the other night, some close friends that swore they didn't mind the agony of a baby party also joined us. Our awesome friends Sara and Jeremy showed up at our house 30 minutes early, thinking that the party was supposed to have started then. It was so enjoyable to have them there for the half-hour before other guests arrived that from now on, someone's invite to my house for get-togethers will be a half-hour earlier than everyone else's. Perhaps it will become "a tradition unlike any other" <insert ridiculously wide-open Phil Mickelson eyes>. (Don't worry if you didn't get that joke.)

Here are some pics to highlight the party, in as few words as possible. I bet you'll never be able to guess the theme.

The cake, courtesy of my talented friend Natalie:

The set-up:

The adorable boy and his dad unwrapping gifts galore:

The pig-out (beginning with a tentative sizing-up)

and culminating in THIS fiasco.

Silas seemed pleased with his loot, which included contributions to the education savings account, clothes, books, some toys, and a wagon. A gift card will also be put toward a baby pool. Thanks to all of our loved ones who were able to attend, and for the unnecessary gifts as well. BJ and I feel so loved and we're glad that our little boy is a part of your lives.

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