Sunday, August 14, 2011

"He Keeps on Growing, (Slipping Through My Fingers All the Time)"

Silas has been such an interesting little guy lately, taking the world in and learning new things every day. He is now stringing two words together at times (such as when I say to Tex, "Get back!" and Silas repeats "Get back!"), identifies loved ones in photos, points excitedly at "Tees!" (trees) and "Burbies!" (birdies) while on our nightly wagon rides, and points to his nose when asked. Today when we were watching the conclusion of the PGA championship, he clapped when everyone else on TV applauded Keegan Bradley as he accepted his trophy.

This afternoon, however, Silas was not to be amused. I thought maybe it was because he was short on sleep, having missed his morning nap and then snoozing for only an hour and a half this afternoon. But the wailing ensued all afternoon, despite sippy cups, snacks, cuddles, and playtime. Finally I said to BJ, "I think he's cutting another tooth." To which BJ replied, "He is not. He's just tired." I wrestled my boy down on the couch and pried open his mouth, which only made the wailing more deafening, but led to the surprise of Silas' second canine tooth poking through the gums. His 14th tooth making an appearance! The funny part about the whole sad affair that had us laughing and laughing was, as I stood Silas back up and gave him a hug, I gloated to BJ, "See? Mama always knows." And Silas, through his tears and misery, heard the word "knows" and pointed to his nose mid-wail. Now if that's not a little ham, I just don't know what is.

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