Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Very Own Library

No doubt my favorite two grown men in this world are my (awesome) husband and my (awesome) Dad, whom I still call Daddy even though I am 30. Those two have always both taken excellent care of me, and as the years pass I love them both even more all the time. So can you just imagine what these two guys can come up with when they put their heads together and get cracking? Well, I can give you a hint, and it ain't no small thang. When this mama said that we need to give up our office to make a bedroom for Silas since his nursery is about to become someone else's nursery, and when it became evident that the only place to move our office is into our bedroom, and when I said there is no way that our four bookshelves are all going into our bedroom because that is neither romantic nor relaxing, these two guys thought, "Let's build her a library with a built-in style!" And that is exactly what they did over the past week. All I had to do was sit, direct, and draw up some plans of what I wanted, and now I have this absolutely charming feature inside of our enormous bedroom.

When I save up the money, there will of course be a ladder to accompany this veritable monster of a bookcase! As I heard jokingly muttered in my direction numerous times as labor was ensuing last week, "Could you have designed a bookcase that is any bigger than this?" Clearly there is no need for other bookshelves at this time! Our nicest bookcase will now belong in Silas' room for his own books, of which he has many, and the others are being given away or sold. Gone will be the easy-chair in our room, replaced with a small, contemporary desk for the computer. And as for Silas' new room! Well, that will be the fun part. At the end of August we will find out if Oot is a boy or a girl, and then we will know how to decorate Silas' room. It's important for us to find out the sex of this baby because, if all goes as planned, Silas and Oot will be sharing that room someday while Oot3 is in the nursery. If Oot is a boy then we are free to go with any boy theme, such as sports and robots. However, if Oot is a girl, then we will do a gender-neutral theme such as a castle, where one side can be for a prince and the other for a princess.  Changes are taking place in this household, folks, and we couldn't be more pleased about it.

On a separate note, BJ and I were fortunate to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary over the weekend (a little early, as our anniversary is actually today), and we spent part of our evening seeing "Crazy Stupid Love" with Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, and Ryan Gosling. I am raving about this movie, people. To my taste, it was certainly one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a long time, and it is perhaps my personal favorite. This is absolutely not your typical romantic comedy though, so buyer beware. The character development is careful and rich, creating characters that are much deeper than you typically see in romantic comedies, thus lending a substance to the plot that makes the journey that much more delightful. While I truly think that this movie will be enjoyed by a wide audience, I do believe that it is especially to be appreciated by people who have spent a long time plugging away in a committed relationship. And, while I know that eight years isn't long for a marriage in the grand scope of things, I thought this movie experience was appropriate timing for a couple who has remained true and steady throughout those eight years, and all the while bringing out the best in each other.

Can you tell I'm still in love? =)

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