Friday, January 13, 2012


Time is becoming of the essence here with my latest knitting project, which is George's baby blanket. I had originally thought I would finish it in time, then realized that I likely wouldn't, and am now starting to hold out hope again. I have decided to knit his blanket as a construction of 24 patches in five different colors, all made with a simple knit-stitch. I figured that as long as I change colors and turn the patches in different directions, the texture would be interesting enough to make up for the fact that the blanket is constructed in only the knit-stitch. So far I have completed 21 of the 24 patches and am well on my way with the 22nd. This would all seem extremely do-able but for the small, insignificant detail that I still have to stitch all of the patches together. The problem is that my only free time is really during Silas' nap-time, plus a little time after he goes to bed at night. My friend Erin asked me yesterday if I thought I would finish in time and I had to tell her that I honestly have no idea. If George waits another week to come, then yes, I should definitely have it finished. If my water breaks tonight though, it ain't gonna happen. Luckily, my friend Jeannie sent George a gorgeous red baby blanket that I cried upon receiving, so it's not like little George is going to go cold. If George is anything like Silas, then he will love more than one blanket anyway. (Silas' word for "blanket" is "ninny," and he is extremely partial to his "blue ninny," which is also a Jeannie creation. Have I mentioned that Jeannie is a fabulous knitter? Why oh why must she live all the way in Indiana?)

So, knitting away furiously! At least, as fast as my swollen fingers will let me!

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