Monday, January 30, 2012

Mommyhood Times Two

And we're off! Double mommyhood has begun!

Today marks the first day that BJ has gone back to work on a full-time basis, leaving me to tackle the boys with my own resourcefulness. I have to say that I originally felt completely daunted by this task and was dreading the day that BJ was gone all day long, but I have slowly gained confidence over the past week. Helping to boost my confidence is the fact that Silas is continually improving in terms of his acceptance of George becoming a permanent fixture in this family, so meltdowns are becoming fewer and farther between. The second day we were home from the hospital BJ left for about half an hour to go get Tex from my parents' house, and during his absence I began to question the sanity of our decision to expand our family: Silas was aimlessly wandering around the house wailing and screaming "Mama!", George was repeatedly spitting up all over both of us and having exploding dirty diapers, and my back was still aching from the epidural so I was going not too many places very quickly. This little incident has been marked in my mind as "the half hour from hell," but I'm happy to report that nothing has been this dramatic or hair-raising since then.

I have been overwhelmed by the help, gifts, and visits that we have received from others. I honestly expected very few presents, being that George is our second child and our second boy to boot, but the generosity of others has absolutely blown my mind. We have gotten everything from crocheted blankets to packages of diapers to restaurant gift cards to frozen casseroles, as well as numerous gifts for Silas. My mother-in-law has graciously put herself on an air mattress three times for overnight visits, my sister is keeping George for a while tomorrow night so that BJ and I can have a "dinner date" at Chick Fil A with Silas, and our hearts have been lifted by people calling and dropping by. Interspersed into these blessings have been the tasks of never-ending laundry, organization and unpacking, keeping food in the house, healing, and middle-of-the-night feedings. Thank God the Australian Open has been on during George's entire life thus far (until Djokovic unfortunately beat Nadal in the Men's Final on Saturday night), giving me the grand opportunity to watch live tennis in the middle of the night. How I do love tennis! Now I will just have to watch Parks and Rec re-runs and Barefoot Contessa.

Hope all is well with you, friends. I know that many of you I have not been in touch with the past couple of weeks, and for that I apologize. My facebook presence has also been fairly scarce apart from parental bragging on my page. A big thanks again to all of you. You are appreciated!

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