Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comedy Central

Oh my, we're a silly bunch! Check it out for yourself:

Here's Silas on his potty in the Target parking lot. He couldn't wait until we got home, and it was just as well because this way he got a front row seat for the construction work across the street! (BJ initially tried with the potty in the van, but Silas kept standing up to peer at the construction site, which BJ determined to be a dangerous situation.)

The four of us at Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Go Thunder! Although the Thunder ultimately lost the series, our family can say that we were all present to cheer them on (well...the boys did drop off on us at the end of the fourth quarter).

And here is George being his usual early-morning cheerful self. This is a face that I love waking up to! Won't be long and this roly poly will be sitting up all on his own.

We've laughed and joked quite a lot around here lately, which is good for our spirits. I know that my sense of humor is lame, but we've each gotten in a few good zingers lately, including me!

Silas' Zinger
(setting the stage: George's shooey diaper explodes all over BJ. BJ quickly hands me the oozing child while he takes off his poopy shirt)
Silas (loudly): Daddy, you's naked!

BJ's Zinger
(setting the stage: we're taking a walk in the neighborhood and a teenage neighbor girl is outside vacuuming her car)
Jenny: Ugh, I wish I had her legs.
BJ: Ugh, I wish I had her clean car!

Jenny's Zinger
BJ: I've been listening to this band at work that I really like. I think you'd like them.
Jenny: Oh yeah? What are they like?
BJ: They're called "Of Monsters and Men." They're from Iceland. The band is males and females. Kind of like The Decemberists.
Jenny: Hmm, BJ, sounds kind of like Ace of Base to me. Has it come to this?
(cymbal crash)

And now that the comedic routines have been shared, the update on the allergy situation is that I apparently have no food allergies. This is good, but the doctor said that my problem is a dermatology issue caused by hormones from pregnancy and nursing. I should outgrow them no problem, and nothing is to be done about them in the meantime except for daily antihistamines, which I am opting to not take. In the meantime I can resume drinking almond milk! We will revisit this same allergy doctor in a month or so for George, who he does strongly believe has food allergies.

Have a great day everyone!

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