Saturday, June 16, 2012

Growth Sticks

A few months ago I was browsing a boutique and saw some adorable growth measuring sticks for kids. I was charmed until I saw the price...28 dollars a piece! "You must be joking!" methinks. "I bet I could make something like this for far less money!"

So I did.

And for a grand total of 11 dollars, I made not one, but two growth sticks, one for each of my boys. I picked out two good quality 1x6's from Home Depot, painted them with leftover paints in our closet, used wood glue to affix cheap and adorable wooden figurines from Hobby Lobby, spelled the boys' names out of little wooden blocks on top, and then drew lines and foot-markers with a Sharpie. Not too much work, all with a decent result! Pics:

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  1. Adorable! Oh the craftiness of Ms. Potter :)