Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Mudroom

Meet the boring wall in our entry way, between the garage and the kitchen door. Hello boring wall.

Thank goodness life is really all about teamwork, because I envisioned something much better for that wall but had little capability of producing it without my talented posse. My vision became a reality that was even better than my vision, thanks to my dad and BJ.

Now, meet the boring-wall-turned mudroom!

Man oh man, those boys are talented! My gorgeous mudroom cost about $200, which included the wood, wainscotting, molding, and all other supplies, the hooks, the baskets, and a little bit of the decor on top. I thought that labor would only cost me a lunch at McDonald's for my dad, but he ended up slipping cash into my purse for that. I'm so thankful for these men in my life that put up with my projects! (And that's not even mentioning the chair rail that BJ put up in Silas' room for me! I painted the wall beneath it a warm brown.)

But I digress!

This mudroom is a combination of several different mudroom designs I have seen, all rolled into one. I wanted some funky-looking hooks, and BJ found these at Lowe's for a real steal.

It was important to me to create a space that is functional for our family's needs; we often throw purses, diaper bags and work bags, Silas shoes, and gear (I'll call it gear--winter gear in the winter, rain gear on wet days, sun hats in the summer) onto a nice wooden bench I have in the entryway that I never intended to become a catch-all. The hooks are perfect for everything from bags to nursing covers to cameras. The bench legs run straight down into the tile so that we don't have to feel guilty about throwing boots or snowy shoes straight under them. In addition to its function, my posse kept the class intact by adding base molding and front-facing 1x2's.

 The top of the mudroom consists of functional cubbies and a decorative shelf. The baskets hold winter hats, baby scarves, and jogging essentials.

All in all, this mudroom is one of my new favorite features of our house! Thanks guys!

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  1. So fun reading your blog Jenny. Your personality comes through beautifully :) Love the mudroom - way to go BJ. And woohoo on the dairy free and keeping George losing all the baby weight! You should be proud. Miss you and hope some day we can meet all these little people in our lives!