Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is stressful to a mama to think about her baby being hungry. When we began the vegetable campaign for Silas over the weekend I figured that we were doomed, and that Silas was going to start going to bed hungry, at least for a while. This was a correct assumption for one night only, thank goodness! Friday night was rough and he did go to bed hungry, a quite unhappy camper as the last post will accurately document. Saturday night, however, was the turning point. During his first go-around at dinner he refused all vegetables, but before putting him down to bed we tried again, this time with BJ's mom Susan providing the majority of the antics that BJ and I had tried the previous two times. To no avail.... until she suggested that perhaps I should mash up the carrots to change the texture of them. Voila! Every carrot and sweet potato got eaten, plus a few green beans (accidental on Silas' part I believe!), and he was rewarded with Pirate Booty, cheese, fish, and fruits, all to his audible delight. I nearly cried with relief and hugged Susan until she probably thought I was crazy, then remembered I am pregnant and hormonal. The next night, mashing the carrots was a no-go, but when BJ tried the old trick of airplane-into-the-mouth, guess who opened wide? Never mind that we had tried that all three nights before and he had screamed at us! Now he will readily eat what we put before him, either with his own hands or off of a spoon depending on the mood and provided that it is not peas or green beans. He seems to be learning that cleaning the veggie plate earns the rewards of other foods. More to come on this, as I am ordering a book that promises to help with our plight of feeding kids the vegetables that they need. And here, my friends, is the proof of success, a picture that I actually delight in posting, unlike the last ones.

Also, have I mentioned how much he loves his big hairy brother?

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  1. Awesome, good to hear! I'm curious, what book are you ordering on food?