Saturday, July 23, 2011

Taking the Hard Line

Silas used to eat anything and everything we put before him. As of late, his food preferences have gradually turned from foods like vegetables and good fats to things like fruits and grains, which isn't really a huge problem except that lately, he has eaten the fun stuff nearly exclusively. Last night at dinner we began the hard line, as recommended by our pediatrician, of putting down vegetables and ONLY vegetables. If he eats the vegetables, then other tasty things are put before him. Of course, it's a big IF, and we knew it was going to be. The photos will illustrate complete failure and so he didn't get his normal big dinner, but the doctor promised that we're not abusing him, and that eventually he'll get hungry enough and eat those vegetables, and then subsequently learn that, 'Hey, if I eat these things, I get cheese! And turkey dogs! And mandarin oranges! And a graham cracker!' One can only hope. For now, this is mealtime.


  1. The pictures are hilarious! I've never heard of the "hard line" but it sounds like Hans could benefit. He turned into a picky eater too after being willing (and enjoying) eating most foods. He hates chicken and the other day we were having fried chicken and I decided to see if he wanted a bite of my chicken breast and the little man couldn't get enough. He just ate up my whole chicken breast! He also "hates" corn but will eat it off of the cob like he's an addict. Figures!

  2. There's such a range of emotion in the pictures. Picture 1: "I don't know what I think about orange square food."
    Picture 2: "The orange square food is kinda scary."
    Picture 3: "Wait! That orange square food has friends. They're green and round! Now I'm really scared! Let me out!"
    Picture 4: "Now I'm MAD at the orange and green foods!"