Friday, January 4, 2013


If BJ and I were to create a list of the funniest people that we know, our friends Jeremy and Laurie would each individually be in the top five; collectively, they are undoubtedly the funniest couple that we know. BJ's and Jeremy's mothers were friends before the boys were born, and the boys have been close all their lives. This friendship fortunately has extended to adulthood, and has also extended to the wives. Over the years I have gotten to know Laurie increasingly better, and I consider her to be a close, dependable friend. A couple of years ago Jeremy and Laurie moved to Elk City, Oklahoma, which is two hours west of where we live. When they told us that they were moving, BJ and I knew immediately that our contact with these two wouldn't diminish, but rather that we would soon become quite familiar with a little western town called Elk City in which neither of us had ever set foot. Many a weekend has been spent there since that time.

Jeremy and Laurie are at a similar stage of life as us, as they have two children that are right at our kids' ages. Miles, hilarious as can be, turned three not too long ago, and little Roxie is two just months older than George. In December we went and spent a long weekend in Elk City, and I just had to share the pics of our kids together. The weekend was spent playing and relaxing; we cooked and baked, the kids played outside in the freezing cold and made Jello Jigglers, the adults played Settlers of Catan and talked until way too late at night; there were Thunder games watched, funny stories told, new accents attempted (and typically failed), and a trip to Elk City's community park where we met Santa and Mrs. Claus and rode the harrowing mini-train (for the second time, because clearly we have a death wish). We also spent time with them at Holly's house, the photographer extraordinaire who has quickly become a friend of ours. I have to admit that I have been an emotional wreck over the course of the past year (which is not news to this blog), crying almost daily but not exactly depressed. After our December weekend in EC though, something changed, and I find myself feeling unexpectedly BETTER. Some part of me is surfacing from wherever it has been. Laurie and Jeremy are good for that.

 Roxie and Georgie

 Miles and Silas 
(insert my favorite conversation between these two over the weekend):
6:30AM--Miles is standing over Silas, who is in bed sleeping
Miles: Silas, wake up and play with me!
Silas: (crankily) No...
Miles: But I'm your best friend!

 Tasting Jello for the first time
 I'm not kidding about this seatbelt-less train ride. If you don't hold on tightly to your child as the train flies over the rickety bridge, you are chancing the frigid waters below!

 Yeah, there were no good pictures of our children with the Claus'.

 Don't judge us that all of our children are jumping on the trampoline. Barefoot. In the 28 degree weather.
 Reading books in jam-jams with Laurie.

 I'm sorry, but could a guy be cuter?

 Time for us to build a sandbox, dad!

Thanks, Laurie and Jeremy! You guys are awesome and we love you!

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