Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Looks like my blogging is about to drop off significantly for the next month. In case you missed it on Facebook, I broke my left hand on Sunday and am going to be in a cast for a while. (Pistol Pete would be proud of my cast color choice though.) Typing with two hands is impossible, and right now I'm pecking this out with my right hand, which is taking forever! Never fear, though: my pumping for the milk bank will continue, and I will keep the 'ounces pumped' count updated on the blog for those who might be interested. Astute observers will notice that my count suddenly dropped from 33 to 28 ounces; this is because Silas contracted a stomach bug, which forced me to scrap eight ounces of milk. The milk bank is cautious of sick houses, understandably, so I had to un-tally all milk pumped in the 24 hours before he first vomited, and could not count anything that was pumped during the illness or in the first 24 hours after symptoms disappeared. We are in the clear now though, so I pumped three ounces today that I can count, bringing the new total from 25 to 28. Like I said, I will keep this number updated. Otherwise, you won't hear from me on this blog for a little while. Best wishes to you all over the next couple of weeks!

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