Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pumping Along!

Hello!  I'm baaa-aack!  I didn't expect to be able to write a blog post again this quickly, but we decided that I could not do without being able to type on a computer at work for eight weeks, so we bought Dragon Speak.  Now I can dictate all of my reports at work, and as an added bonus I get to dictate my blog posts! Working in the healthcare field, I have spent time dictating progress notes and assessments before.  However, I haven't done it in a while and it does take some getting used to. It is easier for me to formulate my thoughts through typing rather than talking, but here goes...

If you are viewing this blog post through full web version,  please kindly slide your eyes over to the left and look at how many ounces of milk are ready to go to the milk bank! If you are viewing this site via mobile version,  I will tell you that the total is at about 90 ounces.  It seems as though it has been a long road to get to this point.  Firstly, as I noted in the last brief post, Silas and I both got a stomach bug and so I had to scrap quite a bit of milk from the total. More than once I might add.  Silas then proceeded to come down with the flu on Tuesday, but the milk bank told me that if I didn't catch the flu or run a fever, I did not have to scrap any of that milk. Fortunately, I have remained healthy and Silas quickly recovered from his flu episode. I also had to scrap a day's worth of milk immediately after I broke my hand, because I felt it necessary to take ibuprofen at one point for the pain. As you can imagine, ibuprofen is not allowed in the milk for these very delicate babies,  so I fed this milk to Georgie through his sippy cup. Perhaps that added immunity plus his flu shot kept him from getting the flu and stomach bug as well.  We are rolling right along now though with no illnesses and no medications, and I will have completed the minimum 100 ounce requirement within the next couple of days!  By the time I begin weaning myself off the pump in a few days, I will find that I have exceeded this minimum amount.  I just can't describe how exciting this is for me. To my friends who have sent their support, I thank you kindly.  You are the best of the best. And to my friend Keri, who is donating with me, I think I have no words. For once. :)

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