Monday, April 4, 2011

Breakfast Time!

Hi, my name is Silas. And I like to do drawrings.
Just kidding.
I'm 11 months old, and I love to eat breakfast!

This is me, giving my mom a devilish grin as I anticipate eating my good food.

Aren't I just something?

This is my brother Tex. His new favorite place is right beside my highchair. I just can't possibly figure out why!

One of my new favorite things to do is throw food down to my brother Tex. You know, charitable giving and all. Watching him dive for the falling food just makes me laugh and laugh. For some reason, it doesn't make my parents laugh. They just roll their eyes.

Oh, better throw some down this way too!

Then afterwards I like to let Tex wash my hands by hanging them down the side of the chair and letting him lick away. It's better than washing them in the sink. My parents don't seem to like this either.

Yummy breakfast!

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