Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend of Bliss in Seattle

This may have been the longest I've gone without blogging since starting this thing up. I'm sure you're crushed. I'm sorry. I've either been heinously busy working or preparing for vacation, and then wonderfully enjoying said vacation. For any of you who might not have listened to my incessant boasting, BJ, Silas, and I were fortunate enough to spend a long weekend in Seattle. I love Seattle. I don't mind gray skies, and there are so many things about Seattle to love, including but certainly not limited to delicious seafood, gorgeous views, cityscape on the water, progressive atmosphere, excellent people-watching, and tons of great ways to spend your time. Add to that our fortune of having wonderful family members to stay with, and the weekend couldn't be topped.

As I looked back on our pictures, I realized with horror that nearly all of our pictures were taken while we were by ourselves, doing touristy-type things like the market. Virtually no pictures were actually taken at Bill and Lynn's house, and NONE of the pictures have any of our precious family members in them. Way to go me. I'm getting better about using my camera more frequently, but I need to remember to use it at more appropriate times!

The first day we got there we crashed with Lynn at her place and barely left the house actually. This was the view of Lake Washington from their lovely home.

It was great to catch up, eat a delicious meal at home, meet Bill and Jakki, and spend time with Luther the Dog, Rooney the Cat, and Elijah the Parrot. Silas loved all of the animals, and each of them in turn tolerated him quite well, especially Luther, with whom Silas engaged in many games of fetch.

While in Seattle we visited one of our favorite places on the planet, Pike Place Market.

If you've never had the opportunity to visit Pike Place, you simply must put it on your list of things to do. In every direction you can see vendors selling beautiful (and cheap!) flowers, fruits and vegetables, artwork, and other goods. And the fish! The fish! Be careful because they're flying all over the place, thrown with precision by the shouting fishmongers. You can be sure in Seattle that the selection is only the freshest! Pike Place is also the site of the scene in 'Sleepless in Seattle' where Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner have lunch, talk about their butts, and impersonate Cary Grant ("Hello, Diane, take a look at these swatches!").

These gospel singers were phenomenal and were performing to a large crowd right outside the original Starbucks, which is also in Pike Place.

Seattle's downtown is on quite the hill leading down to the water. One slip and you're bound to be dunked into the Sound. This is a shot of the hill that we had to traverse to get back to our parking spot. The stroller required both of us pushing. At the same time. That's right.

The next day we visited the Seattle Aquarium, which was a hoot.  The aquarium focused on marine life in the Pacific Northwest and was lots of fun for all of us, but most especially Silas. He loved dunking his hands in the touch pool and exploring the sea slugs and starfish.

Then it was off for more fish and chips and clam chowder...

and ice cream.

What a great city. I miss it already. I'm ready to go back for a fourth time someday, for a great time to be had by all in the Potter clan. The three of us are hoping to all be in Portland, Oregon in September, so until then, we bid the Pacific Northwest adieu.

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