Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peering Into Grass

Do you see this view above? Well, it's the view that I've been looking at quite a bit since yesterday evening, when Silas got extremely exuberant and slapped his hand down onto my ear when we were standing in the backyard. The diamond stud that was firmly in place in my ear was suddenly no longer attached, and my friend Elizabeth, who was visiting for dinner, saw the gleam of the jewel as the sun hit it and it went falling...falling.... falling into the grass. Sigh. I froze on the spot and we marked the area with a stake, but no amount of searching has unearthed that earring. Honestly, BJ keeps telling me that I'd have to be "extremely lucky" because I'm searching for a "needle in a haystack." Once I really got into parting the grass with my fingers, I realized he was probably right. But still I kept looking. And Andi's story didn't help either, when she told me that she and Jason looked for his wedding band forever in their yard and never found it, and a man's ring is certainly bigger than my post!


I specifically asked for these little diamond studs for my birthday because I knew I couldn't wear my old dangling earrings anymore! It's hard for mommies to do that kind of stuff. The joke is on me though I guess, because even studs can be ripped out by little boys. At least it was HAPPILY ripped out.

Last ditch effort is going to be pulling my dad's old metal detector out tomorrow and listening, with little hope, for a beeeep beeeep beeeep.

I'll keep you posted. No pun intended.

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