Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Knitting, Jogging, and Cheering

I have missed blogging. So many times over the past week I have thought, "I should blog about that." And then I remembered that there just aren't enough hours in the day and I really want to sleep at the end of it. Mostly my time lately has been spent either with family or at work. We've been playing hard with Silas and we have lots to show for it this week. Silas stands pretty well on his own now (even took three steps the other day!), successfully says "dog" and "book" on command, and is doing his darndest to learn how to clap so that he can patty-cake independently. It has been lots of fun. I used to wonder before I became a parent if playing baby games with my baby would ever be fun to me, and thankfully it is.

Free time has been spent knitting like a crazy woman. In the past couple of weeks I have knitted two more grumpy bears, and they are gradually improving. This latest one I knitted, pictured below, will be given to Silas to open at his birthday shindig on Saturday. I figured out a trick that makes the arms look better, but I didn't figure it out until the third bear. My apologies to the recipients of the first two bears, whose arms are slightly funky but were knitted with love.

Other free time has been spent at Thunder playoff games or watching them on TV. Even as I type I am watching game five on TV, pulling for the Thunder over the thuggish Denver Nuggets. Although I had a ticket, staying home from this game seemed like the best idea since it's a work night, I'm tired, and Silas would sleep better in his crib than he would on our laps. Hopefully BJ and my brother-in-law are living it up!

Lots of jogging has also been taking place, since our marathon relay is this Sunday. I am slated to run the first leg, which is a 10K. Make no mistake: I have not adequately prepared for this race and almost certainly will not be able to run the whole thing, despite race adrenaline and a picturesque route through Bricktown and past the State Capitol. However, we all know that I'll do my best, which I think will equate to running over half of my leg. I'm not uttering aloud what my target time is, but I'll let you know if I pass or fail on Sunday after the race.

Welcome back, me.

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