Saturday, April 9, 2011

Emily's Shower

This is my friend Emily.

Isn't she pretty? We like Emily.

Emily is well over seven months pregnant, and today was her big day... the baby shower! We actually celebrated at her home with a couple's shower, complete with hot dogs, burgers, cake, and tons of gifts! Can you see her here behind Mount O'Gift?

We had a great time celebrating Emily and Brian's little one today. Here are some pics to chronicle the day:

Not all of the guests were human! This here is Buddy.

Silas loved playing with Buddy, and Buddy was an admirable sport about it. Silas also enjoyed playing with his daddy at the shower....

and other children.

Emily got lots of good stuff!

This was one of her gifts from us: Mr. Grumpy Bear, hand-knitted by yours truly.

After the shower, BJ fixed the roof with his dad while Silas and I went grocery shopping for a dinner that we hosted for friends tonight. We've been on-the-go all day, and we're both ready for a good night's rest!

Goodnight, everyone!

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  1. I always take my son JJ whenever I attend my man-of-the-house-duties. I bet you guys enjoyed fixing your roof, as it is a great way to sharpen a child's handyman skills.

    -Lino Kosters