Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Earring Update

I have officially spent hours poring over the grass in an extremely small staked piece of yard. Hours.

And you'll never believe it but....

I found the BACK of the earring, as luck would have it. You know, the smaller of the two pieces that was missing. The one that costs three cents because it doesn't actually have the diamond in it.

I have a renewed sense of energy at least, and I haven't given up yet. I've looked at night with a flashlight, hoping for a glimmer, and I've looked for hours during the daylight. It's amazing how many pieces of grass are actually shiny and shimmery just like a white gold post. Seriously! Now I feel like I have a better idea of where I'm looking at least. I moved the stake that we initially placed where I was standing over to the exact spot where I found the back, which was a little less than a foot away toward the creek.

So here's my plan, concocted by myself, BJ, and my brother-in-law Matthew this eve (although #4 was all me):

1. Bald the area around the stake by pulling out all of the grass CAREFULLY.
2. Take a break.
3. Place the loose grass (you'd be amazed how much loose grass there is when you get up really close to it) in a clear container with water, so the grass will float and the beloved earring will sink to the bottom.
4. Take a break, and maybe help myself to a stiff drink.
5. Continue searching the dirt.

If all of this fails, I guess I will have to finally give up.

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