Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back Into It

I haven't run in a few weeks, which is really unfortunate. For a while I lost the will to motivate myself, and certainly no one else was helping with this, until my sister Christa gave me the what-for and reminded me of my goals the other day. Thanks Christa. So, this morning, before I could talk myself out of it, Tex and I went for a jog around the park.

Let me just say that I could immediately feel the weight that I have put back on in three weeks' time. Since we left for Los Angeles, I have put five pounds back on and am no longer below my pre-pregnancy weight. What a grand five pounds it was though! I ate whatever I wanted in LA, and this Christmas season has also been generally filled with Gluttonous eating (I did mean to put a capital G there too). So I set off and immediately I'm thinking, 'Oh no, I can feel that extra five pounds already.' Tex and I made it 16 minutes though, mos def over a mile and a quarter, so that's good. To me, this means that to some degree I still 'have it,' since when I initially began this venture there was an iceberg's chance in hell that I could go a whole mile.

I know that I was successful with my jogging during this entire fall season because I set myself a wonderful goal, which was the Turkey Trot. Okay, if that's what it takes, I'll do it again. So here's my next goal, and it really has become a family goal: we're signing up for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay on May 1, 2011. I was surprised when reading about this relay to learn the rules, as I had assumed that a five-person team basically entailed each person running a little over five miles. Not so, though. The marathon relay follows what it calls the Eikeden format, which is set up as follows:

Runner #1 = 10K
Runner #2 = 5K
Runner #3 = 12K
Runner #4 = 5K
Runner #5 = 10K

I have personally opted for a 10K distance, which is going to mean really pushing myself. I think I can do it though. So here is the team....Only runner #4 is tentative at this time I believe, but I do have a back-up for him should he choose to not run.

Runner #1 = me
Runner #2 = my mom (what what, way to rock it Mom!)
Runner #3 = Christa (way to go sis! pulling the long one!)
Runner #4 = Billy
Runner #5 = BJ

Time to get to it! I can't let my team down!!!

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