Friday, December 17, 2010

The Christmas Blur

Wow, it has been for-eevvv-eerrr since I have blogged. I think I have been so busy that I even forgot to miss it, which is crazy. I never expected to get hooked onto blogging, but I definitely have. Well, since I last wrote, we have returned from Los Angeles, attempted to get caught up at home a bit, worked a full week (which for me is three days), and attended (in my opinion) entirely too many things that take me away from home. Friends who know me well know that I'm a serious homebody, and spending too many nights in a row away from home can be painful for me. In this case, the number of nights away from home was two in a row, and it was indeed painful. Tonight, however, BJ and are at home together in front of the fire, baby man is sleeping soundly in his crib, and I'm contemplating a piece of pumpkin pie and reveling in the glory of my living room.

Like nearly everyone else in this country, I am entirely too busy this Christmas season, which is unfortunate. It seems to have been a red and green blur since the day before Thanksgiving, and once you throw parenthood into the works, it gets even crazier! I say this and I only have one child, and he's still young enough that I can shop for his Christmas presents right in front of him and he has no idea. This will only get crazier, I know.

BJ and I were laughing the other night about how parenthood really does change everything, and I can't help but be entertained by the changes that I see in myself. Absolutely everything takes longer to accomplish now. I no longer can think of Christmas presents that I want for myself because instead I'm thinking of presents I want for Silas.  I wear only two rings, and all other jewelry has been cast aside for functionality purposes. I can do anything I want one-armed now.  I know how to make a formula bottle in the dark. I know the difference in meaning between the made-up words "boppy," "bumbo," bjorn," and "booga," and I actually use the words on a fairly frequent basis.  And when a friend who was over for dinner, games, and drinks jokingly asked for a 'sex on the beach,' I told him that the only makings I had to prepare one besides the vodka were grape Pedialyte and apple juice. Ah, such is my life now. Ain't it grand though. =)

Also, I really need some accountability when it comes to my jogging. Will someone please get on my butt about this?

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