Thursday, December 23, 2010


One thing I always love about the holiday season is meeting up with friends that I don't always get to see. An advantage of being home means that, when loved ones that live far away flock home for the holidays, you get to see them.  BJ and I used to be members of this flocker-homer group, and I am so enjoying NOT belonging in this category anymore. Instead, I'll let the loved ones get home, and then there is no escape for them from me! Ha ha.

Last night was spent with dear friends at a Christmas party, a get-together that has become quite an annual reunion it seems. Today I spent most of the day with my mom, getting things done for the holidays and trying to catch up on everything that I'm behind on (which, indeed, happens to be everything). Tonight we met with Brian, Emily, Aaron, and Laura for sushi at Go-go, which was delish as ever. Then more dear out-of-town friends made it to our home tonight, and we're waiting on more to arrive as I type.

As we were driving away from sushi tonight, I remarked to BJ that he and I are quite lucky. We have an amazing friend-base, and our friends are genuinely wonderful people. Every one of them builds me up and reminds me that I am loved and respected. This Christmas season, I am happy to see so many kick-ass friends. For those of you who are celebrating far away, you are also missed. May God bless you this holiday season. Cheers!

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