Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Good To Be the King

If you've never seen "History of the World: Part One," then you might not be familiar with the oft-used quote "It's good to be the king." Good ole Mel Brooks...I just can't get enough of that guy. Well, Silas may as well be thinking this quote in his silly little head, because I'll tell you what: It's good to be the baby around here. Today BJ, Silas, and I were all aboard a California-bound airplane. All three of us were tired, a little cranky (well, some more than others), and in general, just ready to be in Los Angeles. However, while the adults in the party took care of adult-type responsibilities, the baby in the crowd was living it up. I thought, you know, life is good when you're a baby. You get to wear a one-piece fleece suit that zips from toe to head and no one laughs at you, you get to lay across two people's laps so that you can sleep on the plane, your mom strokes your head softly until you fall asleep with a smile behind your pacifier, and your belly is full from the giant meal that you just ate. When you're the momma, you're sitting in the middle of the three-seat configuration, you're waiting on crappy airplane coffee so that you can finally start feeling awake even though your alarm went off at 4:50 AM, your restless leg syndrome is starting to kick in, and your legs are falling asleep because there is a baby on them. Now, being a mom is nice, and I really do love it, but it's good to be the king (AKA the baby).

Right now I'm looking out of our hotel window toward the mountains east of Los Angeles and eagerly awaiting dinner with good friends that live out here. Vacation stretches before me, the weather is 70 degrees and sunny (which makes the Christmas tunes on the radio seem ironic), and I can't wait to see much-loved faces out here. Maybe it's not just good to be the baby... it's good to be the momma too. Bring it on!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation once you got there!! I couldn't help but pick up on the "restless leg syndrome" party of your you really have that? Both my mom and brother have that and medication makes them coo coo so they will just have to put up with it the rest of their lives! It's a bummer!!