Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old Friends

The primary reason that I originally stated for beginning this blog was my desire to keep up with old and dear friends who are all over the country. I wish that all of my long-distance friends kept blogs so that I could join in their daily lives, as I used to when each of them was near me. I have reached a point in my life where I am no longer terribly saddened by missing friends, if and only if these friends are happy in their respective places. I remember how sad I felt when I initially parted with my best friend Andi, when I moved to Minnesota and she headed to south Florida a year afterward. Andi was having such a blast in school, and I knew that she was well taken care of by her new friends in Florida. Since I didn't need to worry about her emotional or physical state, I wasn't so sad about Andi not being in my daily life anymore. Instead, I was happy each time I thought of her, imagining her kayaking, eating at Pizza Girls, or spending time with her new friends at the beach. It's the same with Andi now as she lives in Maine and seems to be having the time of her life. Of course I get emotional as I type this blog now, but typically I only smile and think happy thoughts when I think of Andi, because I know that she is happy where she is.

I was reminded of this emotional state last night as I was blessed to spend time with my wonderful friend Jenn, whom I met in Minnesota but who now lives in Los Angeles. Last time I saw Jenn here, I sobbed after we said goodbye because I knew that she was new to the area and was still somewhat lonely. Although I had every confidence in Jenn that she was going to carve herself a beautiful path here, I was worried and unhappy about leaving her at the time. Now, a totally different story has emerged. I was sad to leave Jenn's home last night after spending time with her and meeting an awesome friend of hers, but I will only think positive thoughts when I think of Jenn from now on, having seen her settled and blessed by her new life.  Each time I get to see her in the future I will be ecstatic, but during the in-between times, I will also feel happy even though she is not near me.

To all of my wonderful long-distance friends, you know who you are, and I am missing you...but I am mostly just happy for you, because I know that the vast majority of you are thrilled to be in the places that you are. I love this for each of you...even though you are not with me.

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