Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Second Favorite Day

As the hubbub closed in on December 18, 2010, I was reminded of my life exactly one year ago. Things were busy at work, the holidays were gearing up, life was great, and I was pregnant with Silas. I have often reflected with smiles and extremely fond memories for Friday, December 18, 2009, which I have dubbed as my second favorite day of all time. And since I was once again reminded of this esteemed day this afternoon by a memento that was ironically floating around inside my purse (along with way too much other shiz), I thought I would share my thoughts on December 18 for today's entry.

It didn't start out like any other day. BJ and I had that Friday off (it was one of those glorious RDO's ), and we woke up that morning laughing in bed and quoting an SNL sketch where Kristen Wiig plays Aunt Sue ("I'm so FREAKING excited!"). We got out of bed, nervously ate breakfast, and then were off to the hospital for the ultrasound that would tell us the news of a lifetime: is it a boy or a girl? I honestly didn't care, but I felt certain that Silas was a girl. BJ was leaning toward wanting a boy for the first child, simply so that he has a partner-in-crime to scare off potential suitors for our younger daughter-to-be.  We arrived at the hospital with both of my parents and BJ's mom in tow, and the ultrasound tech was a real champ for letting us all crowd into the room. Well, Silas had no qualms with letting it all hang out, so our tech was able to tell us right off the bat the grand news that Silas was a boy. After the shock of this announcement set in, it seemed so fitting (I don't know why) and grand. Now, I can't even imagine having a girl because I am so tickled with having a baby boy. Silas even humored me later in the ultrasound process by distinctly waving an OSU 'Pistols firing!' sign, and for all you doubters out there, the proof can be had by visiting his nursery, where the picture continues to be displayed.

After this greatest news ever, we went to a delicious lunch at San Marcos, then went with our moms for my first-ever trip to Babies R' Us, where BJ and I each bought a celebratory baby outfit of our choosing. Then he and I headed on to see "A Christmas Carol" at a nearby matinee. Finally, we met cousins Julie and Michael for a late dinner at the Melting Pot, where we spent hours catching up and having a delicious dinner and dessert.

A year later, as I said before, I look back and smile when I think about that day. The movie ticket stub was found stuck to a bunch of receipts in my purse, as it must have escaped from my wallet, where I keep it for sentimental safekeeping.  From start to finish, the day was really the best ever. Okay, it was the second-best ever. =)

Here is a picture of Silas a year later...

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