Friday, November 12, 2010

A Grand RDO

Today was a great RDO. What RDO means technically, I have no idea, but what it means to me is every other Friday, the Friday that BJ has off work. The FAA has termed that day "RDO."  We are just about the luckiest people in the world, as I'm off work every Friday and BJ has his RDO every other week. Those days are hard to beat. Today was chilly and rainy all day, but the boys and I got out and about on the town and made a great day of it. After Silas' morning nap, we started with a delicious lunch at Cocina Guatelinda. This place is a wonderful little Guatemalan restaurant right in the 'hood, and they were serving up some mighty fine dishes today, including my favorite queso pupusas and a delicious appetizer that we like to get made of mashed plantains, chocolate, and black beans. Hell to the yes, people. We ran several errands after this and had a cheery Silas with us all the way, which only serves to make the day even more grand.

Upon arriving at home, I thought, 'Gee, what could make this cozy day even better?' Knowing my propensity toward delicious food, as I know you all do, it seemed high time to me to work on a batch of chocolate chip cookies, the kind that are so big the recipe actually calls for them to be scooped with a 1/4 cup disher. Thirty minutes later, it smells like heavenly chocolate chip cookies in this house. The recipe made 17 cookies this time, as I refrained from eating too much of the batter, so our neighbors got a few in an attempt to save my waistline, and simultaneously keep them sweet on us since we have a 120-pound dog (albeit a friendly dog) and no fence. So here's to a night at home... and hoping that everyone else had a good day too!

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