Sunday, November 7, 2010

8-1....and Worried

Well, some sports analysts predicted Oklahoma State's football team to finish dead last in the Big 12 South this year. One look at the standings, however, and you'll realize that those people were fools. After losing Dez Bryant and Zac Robinson to the NFL, as well as large amounts of our defense and O-line, OSU is leading the Big 12 South and is poised to control its own destiny. So why am I shakin' in my shorts? Because next week, folks, we play Texas. Dum-da-dum-dum.

I hate playing Texas. In the spirit of good ole Pedro Martinez, who once tipped his hat and called the Yankees his "daddy," I can readily admit that Texas has been OSU's daddy for the past many years.  OSU has a harder time with Texas in recent history than they do even with OU, as recent history will show that OSU has beaten OU twice in the past nine years, including a win at Owen Field, which is one of Stoops' two home field losses since taking over the Sooners. I dread the game with Texas each year because they always find a way to win. About five years ago we had a 35-7 lead on them at half, and guess who won the game. Texas, that's who. And a couple of years after that we were leading with three minutes left before the showers, and guess who won that game. Texas, that's who. And two years ago we were ready to win in Austin, but Kendall Hunter fumbled the ball as he was running into the endzone and it was recovered by Texas for a 14-point turnaround, and guess who won that game. Texas, that's who, and by less than a touchdown. I'm sick to death of it.

This has got to be the year though, even though we play in Austin. Part of me feels nauseated watching Texas this year, as they have stumbled and lost badly to the likes of UCLA, OU, Kansas State, Baylor, and Iowa State. Holy heck, people, Iowa State! And yet, here we are, and I KNOW that we will lose in Austin...because we always lose to Texas.

May something turn around for us this year, please! A new uniform, a new something, please! All I know is this: If OSU plays in Austin the way they played at home yesterday, they will beat Texas this year. So which OSU team will show up in Austin next Saturday? Let's hope it's the OSU team that's ready to open up a can... a serious can of whoop-ass.

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