Sunday, November 21, 2010

We HATE you, germs!

First off, a shout out to Erik for completing the marathon in Tulsa this morning! We knew you could do it, man! Congrats!

AND....that's about the only good news of the day. The GI bug that dominated me has, since my last entry yesterday morning, dominated BJ as well. He was so sick yesterday, and he kept sweetly saying to me, "I feel like I'm dying. I'm sorry that you felt this way."  Thinking of me and my past misery during his own agony....aww. But it gets worse. BJ's mom came down with it this morning, and my dad also came down with it this afternoon. I have been bracing myself for poor Silas to get it, and lo and behold, we think he has. Poor guy has a pretty upset stomach, although he's not acting like he is completing miserable (yet). We're just hopeful that everyone gets this out of their systems before the holiday on Thursday.

As far as the Turkey Trot, this has been more in the back of my mind than in the fore these past few days. I do feel nearly 100% today, so I plan to jog tomorrow and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, and then just give it my best on Thursday morning (that is, if Silas is better by then). BJ isn't sure what his plan is yet, but he is behind me in recovery and is not looking ahead to such things yet.

Although it's a little late to worry about infecting each other, I'm worried now about RE-infection in our family. Thus, this morning Silas and I went to Walmart and bought a cart-full of what was obviously goods for a sicky house: chicken noodle soup, Powerade, Jello, Pedialyte, bananas, applesauce, toothbrushes, Lysol spray, a double box of Clorox wipes, and a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer. When I was shopping I was thinking, "I'll be damned if I get it again," but of course I failed to recognize that if Silas gets it, I will still be loving on him, which is probably the best means of germ transport.

Germs, germs, go away.

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  1. Ah, sorry you all have this Jenny! We had that same bug...I had it first and then thought my family members were in the clear when all of a sudden, SIX DAYS LATER, tom threw up for about 12 hours straight followed by another 12 hours of complete exhaustion. 6 days later??? I thought you were in the clear if you didn't transfer germs within 48 hours...this GI bug is serious!!! Anyway, I hope poor Silas doesn't get it....Hans was in the clear so I'm hoping the same fate for your lil guy!!