Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eskimo Joes

Well, today is day 3 of BJ's 5-day trip to Tahoe with his friends. Silas and I have had a good time without him, which I am kind of surprised about. Silas is doing a great job though and has been extra laid-back, which leaves me feeling not nearly as much stress as I thought I would. Today, to help alleviate some of the home-bodyness that can occur when a spouse is gone, my parents invited Silas and me up to Stillwater for an errand they needed to run there, and then they treated me to lunch at my favorite restaurant in the world, Eskimo Joes. In my trustworthy opinion, Joes is worth driving the 75 miles to Stillwater for. Their cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes can't be beaten, and don't get me started on the delicious chili-cheese fries. Don't EVEN get me started. So so delicious. So here is a picture of Silas sitting in his high-chair clearly enjoying his first trip to Joes as well.

You can tell by that happy face that mommy gave him several bites of her chocolate shake (sorry BJ! I know you're reading this! I'm causing our son to become a chocoholic!). I remember going to Joes on Wednesday nights in college with BJ and our friends, enjoying $1 Little Joes (mini-cheeseburgers) and having good times. Thanks for lunch Mom and Dad! Silas and I had fun getting out of the house!

In other news, I spent a long time fixing a knitting mistake today, which is frustrating for me. I'm just not good enough yet to know how to fix things when I mess up! I corrected it adequately, but at one point in this scarf you can tell that something isn't perfectly right. It's not incredibly obvious at least or I would have had to make another trip back into the yarn shop for help. They are probably getting sick of me. Despite my griping, I really am loving knitting. Also in other news, I'm on steroids now to treat this cough so that hopefully I can start jogging again! I seriously can't wait!

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