Friday, January 14, 2011

Life With Silas As He Gets Older

Even the title of this entry, "Life with Silas as he gets older," stirs conflicting emotions within me! At times it feels like yesterday that he was born, and now he's nearly nine months old. At other times, I look back on those early days with him like they were an eternity ago. Just last night I had a sudden flashback to the days when he was a newborn and I spent 20 minutes in the middle of the night trying to burp him; now he just rips them out on his own, thank goodness. As Silas has gotten older, he has also gotten more fun, which I didn't necessarily expect (for some strange reason). I remember looking forward to the day when he would someday smile, but beyond that, I wasn't sure what to expect! Would playing with his silly baby toys with him be fun? Would I resent that I might miss some of my beloved OSU games because I had him to care for (thank goodness for DVR, by the way)? The truth is, it has gotten better all the time. Amazingly enough, playing with him and his baby toys really IS fun. And, no, suddenly HE takes precedence in my mind, even when OSU is playing football or basketball. It just works that way. Below is a medley of pictures depicting everyday life with Silas as he has gotten older. You will notice that in most of them he is up to mischievous acts...

In this picture, readers will notice that Silas has discovered the toilet paper, particularly how fun it is to roll it right off the reel. 

Below you will see his new "old man" smile. Recently he has frequently stopped smiling his old open-mouthed smile and is now biting his lower lip and smiling with his mouth closed. Whatever that's about, I have no idea.

Now that he can stand easily in his crib, when he wakes up in the morning or after a nap he typically plays by himself in his crib for a while, then stands up, hollers in his most winning "goo-goo ga-ga" voice, and teethes on his crib rail. Here is what his crib rail looks like from the inside...

He has also been practicing drinking from a cup. I swear, this boy may go straight from a bottle to a real cup, skipping that whole "sippy" thing. He shows intense interest anytime I drink from a glass, so we practice with water. Here is Silas practicing drinking while laying in his tub.

And finally, below you'll find my view of when I try to get a diaper, or clothing for that matter, on Silas these days. That boy is a naked bandit and will wriggle and crawl away as fast as possible, preferably for him if he's still unclothed. Please note in this photo that there is some serious bun-action still hanging out.

All in all, we really couldn't ask for a better baby. We hope fervently for a baby #2 someday, and it would be beyond our wildest dreams if our next baby could be as good of a baby as Silas is. And that's my brag-book for the day.

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