Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sports Extravaganza 2011

I love New Year's Day. It's really one of the greatest days, especially if you're a college football fan like I am. January 1st really is like my March Madness.  It's so great to wake up to the Rose Bowl Parade, and then you're in for a spectacular day of bowl after bowl after bowl. Throw in the NHL Winter Classic game as well as an Oklahoma City Thunder game, and you've got a great day for a sports fan! Typically on New Year's Day, BJ humors me and we plan a whole menu of football foods to graze on all day long, including wings, dips, cookies, potato skins, and deviled eggs. This year, however, I am sicky and didn't feel like making all that stuff. I'd had a 24-hour break from the fever, but it even returned this afternoon. So instead, I never got out of my pajamas and we made meals based on ingredients that we already had in the pantry. When Silas napped, I alternatively napped or knitted, based on how much energy I had. (All this occurring, of course, with the television displaying good sports in the background.)

I haven't considered New Years resolutions yet, and I feel too tired to do it right now. The only resolution that I can certainly state for now is my goal to keep jogging and to complete the 10K in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay. That thought in and of itself is enough to exhaust me right now. Happy New Year to you all, and may 2011 be your greatest year yet.

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