Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Getting Schooled By Granny

Two days until I turn the big 3-0, which is exciting. The other night I was at my mom's house and she gave me a friendly reminder that "you're going to be 30," and I think that is when it actually hit me how weird that is. Aren't I supposed to be 17? Or 12? Or even 23? I clearly remember many of my birthdays and how old I felt at each of them, and now look at me.

Unlike many comrades of mine, I haven't experienced a desire for the whole "30 things before 30 years" or however the adage goes. Maybe I secretly have though... In the past few months, I have picked up several new hobbies (jogging, blogging, etc.), but didn't really stop to analyze this until now. Why have I done this? I thought it was because I felt inspired to stop watching so much TV and instead do something productive, but maybe it's more Freudian than that...maybe I fear old age and stagnation. 

Speaking of new hobbies, BJ's mom got me a very cool present for my birthday this year. She's sending me for a one-hour private knitting lesson at a yarn shop in Norman tomorrow. I'm excited about the one-on-one attention to my skill (or should I say lack thereof), but I'm also nervous about it. The appointment is with Leslie... I wonder what she's like. I bet you she's an old stitching fool. With a gray bun and a knitted shawl around her shoulders.  Now I'm picturing Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. Okay, if she doesn't look like Granny I'll be excited. Look at me, fearing old age and stagnation again.

I'll keep you updated, fo sho.

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