Friday, January 7, 2011


First of all, Leslie is younger and hipper than me (it's hard to imagine anyone being hipper than me, but Leslie is). My images of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies dissolved into thin air as she introduced herself. Despite her youth, or perhaps in part because of it, she did totally school me in knitting, which was exactly what I went to her for. Leslie is so good at knitting, in fact, that she told me she even takes her knitting with her to the movie theater. I was incredulous! Right now, if I'm knitting while watching a football game, my concentration is 87% on my knitting and 13% on the game. I did anticipate these percentages to even out somewhat over time, but I never expected the possibility of not even looking at my knitting. In fact, she said, "If I ever go blind I'll spend all my time knitting."  She maintained that she can feel her work, which I'm sure she can.

I was completely enamored by my lesson today. It was absolutely fantastic and I loved being there and learning. Leslie was very patient and friendly, and it was quite a relief to be able to ask an expert about a knitting snag as it was actually happening, rather than doing what I have been doing, which is guessing about what my next move should be (typically incorrectly) and then proceeding while pretending that I didn't just mess up, despite growing evidence to the contrary in my scarf. The scarf that I'm working on now is in the stockinette weave, and the yarn is a very pretty purple. When it's all finished, I'll post a pic of it. You can be sure of that, as readers can attest to the fact that I rarely miss opportunities to brag. Thank you for the lesson Sus! I'm on my way to becoming a knitter...

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