Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bam's House

I love this photo. Maybe because it's at Bam's lakehouse. Bam and her husband Mike have been very special people to my family for many years, and her very sweet house on Lake Texoma is one of the best places in the world to be. We originally met because her grandson played hockey with my brother Billy. Over the years, our families spent much time together on hockey travel trips, and we've been close with the entire family, including Bam, since that time. Her name isn't actually "Bam," but this name is what her grandchildren call her, and since she has allowed me to 'adopt' her as my own grandmother, this is what BJ and I call her as well. At least once a year BJ and I make a wonderful trip for the weekend down to Bam's house, which is a couple of hours from Oklahoma City, and we spend the weekend eating, relaxing, playing, and eating. Have I mentioned that Bam is a gourmet chef?

This weekend has been Silas' inaugural trip to Bam's house, and boy, has he made a time of it. This little guy has been nothing but smiles all day as he has explored every room of the house and every tree on the point of land they own. We even took a ride around the neighborhood in one of the golf carts. In the photo you see above, Silas is crawling away from the hubbub in one part of the house to the other enticing living room, and mommy couldn't help but sneak behind him and capture the moment. A big-time thanks and 'love you' to Bam and Mike...and to Lori and Kolby: wishing you were here too. The lake just isn't the same without you. =)

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