Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knitting Queen (in my dreams)

Hi everyone! Happy snow day to those of you who live in Oklahoma! It's been an awesome day of horizontal snow and lazing around inside the house. Neighbors are coming over for dinner, so we won't feel too cooped up, and I just talked to my boss and she told me she is closing the office tomorrow too. =)

Before the snow vanishes off the ground, which seems to happen quickly in Oklahoma, I wanted to finish up my second knitting project, which was a scarf for Silas. I've posted a pic of it below, but don't have the picturesque snow in the background given the 50 mph northern winds. Babies don't seem to appreciate that kind of thing. For the scarf I chose a vibrant green solid-colored yarn because I wanted the basket-weave texture that I selected to pop out. Mission accomplished, I believe. I added the fringe this morning and must say that I'm impressed with the final product. My second knitting lesson with Leslie is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Also, to finish off the previous post about visiting Bam's house, BJ and I ended our mini-vacation by promptly leaving our suitcase on the bedroom floor without unpacking it since Sunday. Leaving suitcases around in our house for days on end is a frequent occasion in our house, but I suppose it won't be for long since we have a new "helper" to assist us with the unpacking process:
Enjoy this winter day, friends!

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