Friday, February 18, 2011

Will Help for Coffee =)

Baby fever... I'm in the stage of life where it is pretty much all around me. As BJ and I entered our late twenties, our friends began having babies. We were on the seven-year plan ourselves and nearly made it there before welcoming Silas. Our friends, it seems, are all having the same ideas. Some of my favorite people in the world are either currently pregnant, attempting to get pregnant, or in the process of adoption. In this third group is my wonderful friend Cyndi, who has been in the long, heartbreaking process of trying to have children for many years, to no avail. They are currently in the later stages of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia, and the final result of holding baby Sera is, I believe, Cyndi's ultimate dream. And man oh man, I can think of no one who deserves it more. If you're interested, here is Cyndi's story.  Unfortunately, adoptions are extremely expensive. In order to assist Cyndi and her husband with the inordinate costs not only of the adoption process, but also of flying to Ethiopia to meet and bring home baby Sera, they are participating in a fundraiser where you can buy fair-trade coffee, and $5 goes straight to Cyndi's funds toward getting Sera into their loving arms. I'm in. Any support is appreciated. I'm not into making pitches for money unless it's something I honestly believe is worthy.  Cyndi has said that the company is founded by parents like herself who were adopting a baby from Ethiopia. Click here to check out Cyndi's store.

Blessings to you all tonight, especially to those of you who are doing your darndest to add to your families. Here is the latest from our little family addition below: snuggling in his Pop's arms. Pop gets all the snuggles. =)

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